Troian Bellisario and Boyfriend Patrick J. Adams Snuggle in Adorable Selfie (PHOTO)
Credit: Patrick J. Adams Twitter    

Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario and Boyfriend Patrick J. Adams Snuggle in Adorable Selfie (PHOTO)

Adorable alert! When Troian Bellisario isn’t busy impressing us as Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, she spends her time being half of the sweetest off-screen television couple ever. We’re talking about her relationship with Suits star Patrick J. Adams, of course! What adorableness are these two up to this week?

“When did you take this?!? Oh ok,” Troian tweeted, sharing a snapshot of she and Patrick snuggling in bed together. The pic was a re-tweet from Patrick’s earlier sharing of the shot. Apparently, he took it without Troian’s notice (is she really asleep in the picture?), captioning the original tweet: “Nope. We’re busy.” Too busy snuggling!

But Troian and Patrick aren’t always so passive. The couple rang in the New Year with a nerf gun war across the apartment, and an Instagram of their fiercest faces with the caption, “We wait for no year.” Patrick is also a bit of a rebel on the set of his USA series. In October, he snuck a clandestine framed photo of Troian onto the set and planted it there for keeps. Yeah, these two are together even when they’re apart.

Looking for more evidence of this couple’s cuteness cred: How about the time Patrick picked up a call from Troian while he was on a panel at University College Dublin? Or this photo of the two Troian tweeted with the descriptor “Home”? And remember the small role of Ezra’s college buddy Patrick played on PLL Season 1? Well, according to Patrick, the reason he wanted the bit part so much was because Troian had just broken up with him and he wanted to win her back. This stuff is more sweetly sentimental than on-screen television romance!

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