Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson and Ryan Good Hold Hands in New York City — Are They Back Together? (PHOTOS)

Ashley Benson (Hanna) and her ex-boyfriend Ryan Good broke up in March, but they don't exactly seem like pretty little besties lately.

The Pretty Little Liars actress and her former flame were seen going pumpkin picking together in October. Romantic, we know. But if you're not sold that they're an item again based on that day date, then get this. The two were also spotted getting close while out to dinner in New York City last week. Still think they're just pals? What about their Saturday morning stroll in Soho on December 7? Ash and Ryan were spotted out and about with Ash’s Shih Tzo, Olive. The two were holding hands and looking a little more than just friends.

Now, they're adding more fuel to the rekindling fire with their recent hand-holding after a Knicks vs. Celtics game at Madison Square Garden. Ash and Ry were seen showing some PDA while leaving the game in New York City on December 8, so we can't help but wonder if they've rekindled.

Is this ;Pretty Little Liars star pretty little lyin' or are her and Ryan really just friends? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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