Emily Maynard’s Boyfriend Tyler Is Nothing Like Jef Holm – Exclusive!
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard’s Boyfriend Tyler Is Nothing Like Jef Holm – Exclusive!

It’s true, Bachelor Nation: Emily Maynard is a woman in love again! Just don’t expect to hear it from her. So far, she’s been very reluctant to talk about boyfriend Tyler Johnson — but a source tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that he’s all that and a hot, sexy bag of chips!

Contrary to recent reports, this romance isn’t new. “They’ve been seeing each other for a while now,” the source explains. “People just don’t realize how long it’s been because they’ve been so secretive about it.” Sneaky, sneaky!

“They met at church,” the source continues. “Since then, they’ve been seeing each other quietly, but it’s gotten really serious.”

The best news of all, we’re told Emily’s daughter, Ricky, adores him. Wow, it must be getting serious, considering Emily only introduced her 8-year-old lady to one guy from her season.

And speaking of which, perhaps the second best news: he’s apparently nothing like the last man to break Emily’s heart, former fiancé and winner of The Bachelorette Season 8, Jef Holm. Though the couple announced their engagement following the show’s August 2012 finale, they split just two months later amid rumors that she had cheated and he had used her for fame.

“They’re like night and day,” the source concludes about his distance from Jemily. “Tyler has no interest in the spotlight. And so far, he’s not having cold feet about commitment. He and Emily are just really happy together.”

Well, that’s just super. And, hey, we’re happy for them!

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