Kendall Jenner Says “Don’t Let Boys Be Mean to You” — Is This About Harry Styles?
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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Says “Don’t Let Boys Be Mean to You” — Is This About Harry Styles?

It appears that Kendall Jenner no longer lights up Harry Styles's world like nobody else. And with the two reportedly having broken up recently, are we learning more about what went wrong?

On February 27, Kendall posted a photo to Instagram that offers a rather revealing message. "Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, don't let the boys be mean to you," reads the message that Kendall posted.

In explaining why she posted this, Kendall writes as the caption, "Can't sleep, so I just wanted to give all the ladies out there some advice."

Hmm. It definitely sounds like Harry may have done something that Kendall perceives as "mean." And the fact that Kendall can't sleep also makes us wonder if the reported breakup is causing her stress.

Kendall and Harry had been rumored to be dating since late 2013, but sources say they split up recently due to their busy schedules. "There’s been no major fallout," says a source. "They’re definitely still friends and haven’t ruled anything out for the future."

However, the fact that Kendall is posting about "mean" boys makes us wonder if there was something more dramatic than just scheduling that split them up. Or, to paraphrase a song by Harry's other ex (*cough* Taylor Swift): Why you gotta be so mean?

Do you think Harry did something that Kendall is mad about?

Source: Kendall on Twitter