Brad and Angelina’s Daughter Asks Them Kindly to Stop Making Out
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Brad and Angelina’s Daughter Asks Them Kindly to Stop Making Out

Alright, this deserves some girl-to-girl real talk. If Brad Pitt walked into your house right now, would you make out with him? Obviously, the answer is yes. If he walked into your house right now with your kids standing right there, would you still make out with him? Although there are definitely some infidelity issues behind these two questions, we’re sure your significant other would understand your decision to make out with Brad Pitt.

That being said, we totally understand why Brad — the light of Angelina’s life, the wind beneath her wings, the Africa to her humanitarian efforts — would want to ravage Angie’s face constantly, regardless of whether the kids were present or not.

The June/July issue of Esquire includes a quote from a close friend of Brad’s who reported an incident at the Brangelina household that we expect would be pretty normal:

"Once I walked in and Angie was standing there and Zahara walked up and said, 'Daddy, you're not going to start making out with Mommy again, are you?' And it's like that. This is a guy who has tried not to do any sexy scenes with other women since he's met Angelina. He's crazy about her, and she's the same way about him.”

Zahara, 8, wants her famously gorgeous Hollywood parents to stop kissing? We wouldn’t want them to stop! Seriously, we are so envious of the love between this incredible couple, and we actually feel that kissing in front of your kids is a healthy practice. It’s one of the most appropriate displays of love that a parent can exemplify for their kids. If they were fondling each other or Frenching in front of the tots, then that’s a whole other story.

Love pecks, snuggling, and holding hands are all examples of a strong relationship that are totally kid-safe, so never stop kanoodling, Brangelina! Revel in your love and your kids will learn from the best.

Source: Esquire

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05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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