Brad McKinzie’s Ex Opens Up About Domestic Violence Charge — Exclusive
Credit: Courtesy Brittnee Nelson    

The Bachelorette

Brad McKinzie’s Ex Opens Up About Domestic Violence Charge — Exclusive

Bachelorette 2013 contestant Brad McKinzie made a quick exit from the show in Episode 4, when his 1-on-1 date with Desiree Hartsock in Atlantic City ended up falling short of her expectations. But while we didn’t learn much about him while he was on the show, the stories that continue to follow the handsome single dad aren’t all that great.

While alone with Desiree, he revealed that he and ex Brittnee Nelson, with whom he has a son named Maddex, have a dramatic past. When he told Des about a domestic violence charge and his ex’s history of alcohol abuse — then departed shortly after — a lot of questions remained. Though not aired on television, stories about Brittnee leaving Maddex in Colorado and moving to Texas unexpectedly surfaced on spoiler sites as the reason for Brad’s dismissal.

What really happened? Brittnee spoke exclusively with Wetpaint to tell the whole story, for a surprising reason: She doesn’t want Brad’s image to be tarnished as he moves on from the show. Below is Brittnee’s honest and heartfelt account of what really happened.

Brad McKinzie’s Ex Opens Up About Domestic Violence Charge — Exclusive
Credit: Courtesy Brittnee Nelson    

I definitely don't want to make myself look any worse but I respect Brad and don't want him to have a bad "domestic violence" image as he is getting painted.

One thing I do want to clear up is the fact that I am in my son’s life. All I've been hearing is "Maddex needs a mom" and "Brad needs someone to complete his family and be a mommy to Maddex" things like that. Not true. I may not see him every day, but Maddex has a mom and a damn good one at that.

There are things (A LOT) of events that took place in my life that drove me to the point of making the decision to temporarily leave Colorado.. YES, I did move to Texas. BUT It was not to "leave my son." There are reasons why I left. Personal reasons. One of the reasons being the fact that I lost sight of all my goals in life and kept partying. I was hanging out with the wrong group of "friends" and it was only bringing me down. Add being a bartender to that and it definitely wasn't helping.

Brad McKinzie’s Ex Opens Up About Domestic Violence Charge — Exclusive
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Now lets get to the reason why I wanted to talk: The fact that Brad McKinzie is getting the wrong image painted of him about this whole domestic violence thing.

In regards to the night a few years ago, the one he spoke about on television, here’s the real story: We were all drunk. My girlfriend and I had been drinking wine and shots for a couple hours before Brad came home. I was working at Hooters at the time and had a regular that had a lot of money. TO THIS DAY, I have no idea why or what I was thinking but I had sent an inappropriate text message to him (my regular), Brad opened my phone and read that, causing us to get into an argument. Obviously.

At that moment I didn't even remember sending that text. The next part of the night is kind of blurry. I wanted to leave, all three of us have a different perspective of why I got a bloody nose, but Brad DID NOT HIT ME. What I remember is very vague, but outside of the car, we were all yelling and shouting, causing the neighbors to call the authorities.

At that point we all went back inside. Not too long after the cops arrived. They were inside and I was talking to my friend, (trying to figure out how my nose started bleeding) sitting on the couch and I quietly asked her, "he hit me?" The cops overheard and immediately arrested him. At that moment I tried to take it back and said I was drunk and didn't really know what was going on. They took him anyway.

Brad McKinzie’s Ex Opens Up About Domestic Violence Charge — Exclusive
Credit: Courtesy Brittnee Nelson    

I sent numerous emails, letters to the DA and judge saying I wanted all this dismissed. It took a long time but finally succeeded and they dropped everything.

We tried to make it work because we did love each other. I ended up getting pregnant and having a beautiful baby, Maddex.

I used to have an alcohol problem, which has caused numerous problems in my life and I've even thought about suicide because at points in my life I have felt so low. My son is the only reason why I am alive today because he does need a mom, and I am his only mom. I will not fail him.

I support Brad in all of his ventures and yes, I want Brad to find love, have a partner and "complete his family." I am trying to complete my family as well, but no man will ever take Brad’s place as Maddex's father.

Brad and I actually have a close relationship, a cordial relationship, and talk almost every day. I go and visit my son in Colorado, and he definitely knows who his mommy is.

Thank you for your time.

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