When Is Brandi Glanville’s Second Book, Drinking & Dating, Released?
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Brandi Glanville

When Is Brandi Glanville’s Second Book, Drinking & Dating, Released?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is becoming quite the prolific author. We loved her hilarious and revealing first book, Drinking and Tweeting so when will her follow-up book come out? The answer: It's sooner than you think!

We've known that Brandi has been hard at work lately on her second book, and so we're thrilled that she has let us all know via Twitter when we can expect to page through it.

"I'm not suppose 2 tweet this yet but u can go to http://Amazon.com & order my NEW 2nd book out Feb- tentatively titled #Drinking&Dating," she tweeted on October 2.

Awesome news! It's hard to believe that her new book will be out this February, meaning it's coming out just one year after her last one. The woman is seriously efficient!

And her first book which actually hit number one on the NYT best-seller e-books list came out in time for Valentine's Day, so we're hoping the same will be true with this one.

What can we expect from this new book? Well, earlier this week, when one of Brandi's Twitter followers told her that she should post dos and don'ts for dating, Brandi responded, "It's the whole next book!" So there you go.

And we're sure to get some juicy revelations in this book, just as we got in the first one. After all, who can forget Brandi's confession in the first book that she used ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's credit card to pay for vaginal rejuvenation surgery? Oh, Brandi.

Long story short: Is it February yet?

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