Brandi Glanville on Feud With Lisa Vanderpump: I Feel Like Her “Pawn”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville on Feud With Lisa Vanderpump: I Feel Like Her “Pawn”

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville used to be close. Right now? Not so much. Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively reported that the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beautiescompletely avoided each other” at the Season 4 premiere party on October 23. So what went down between the two?

Long story short: You’re going to have to watch Season 4 if you want to find out. But Brandi still dropped plenty of hints about it during a chat with Extra.

“It’s actually super sad, and it makes me really I just hope that we can reconcile at some point. It was just a slow, downhill slope, and I miss her and I love her. I just, I want to make sure our friendship is really real, it’s true, and I’m not just a pawn in some sort of bigger deal.”

Brandi feels like Lisa treated her as nothing more than a pawn? Those sound like fighting words to us.

When pressed for details on what specific event or revelation might have triggered the feud, Brandi did offer a few hints. “I can’t tell you exactly what it was,” she says. “It really just comes down to, was she using me this whole time to get ahead in something else. Some things that I found out that were really disappointing. The cards were down for me, she wasn’t really there. It hurt my feelings.”

Clearly, this is bound to be a dramatic season, but drama is pretty standard on RHoBH. So does it get kicked up even more? “I think on my part, absolutely,” Brandi says. “I think it’s such a shakeup. And all the friendships change and turn. Different things come out that you would never guess.”

Source: Extra