Brandi Glanville Fires Assistant, Blames Her For Chica’s Disappearance
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Fires Assistant, Blames Her For Chica’s Disappearance

Brandi Glanville's missing dog drama keeps on going, and we're finally getting to see the aftermath on Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Back when the situation was going down, the reality star blaming the entire situation on her assistant, Carmen, and soon fired her for not taking better care of her beloved Chica.

The 23-year-old assistant told TMZ, "I no longer work for Brandi. She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn't do my job by losing the dog." The assistant claims Brandi's Encino home was burglarized last Wednesday, while Brandi was in Palm Springs, and Chica was either dognapped or escaped while the door was open.

Right after the alleged burglary, Brandi said she didn't want to blame her assistant — who was the last person with Chica. But something must have changed since then. Brandi's former assistant is now upset, saying she did everything in her power to make sure Chica was safe — double checking the doors, closing all windows, locking everything — and that being fired isn't fair. On the show, though, we learn that this was the second time within a week that Carmen had lost the dogs.

The assistant is also claiming Brandi owes her for two weeks' work — more than $1,000. Brandi says the check's in the mail. We haven't heard any more about monetary discrepancies between the assistant and Brandi.

Since then, Brandi has gotten a new dog while looking for Chica remains missing.

Brandi told TMZ, "I did what I had to do. If I can't trust her with my dogs, how can I trust her with my kids?"

Source: TMZ

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