Brandi Glanville Calls Joyce Giraud a “Little Anorexic Chihuahua” — Joyce Responds! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Calls Joyce Giraud a “Little Anorexic Chihuahua” — Joyce Responds! (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville sure loves comparing people whom she doesn't like to dogs, doesn't she? A few seasons back, she said that Kim Richards's then-boyfriend Ken resembled a "gay bullmastiff." Now, she offers up an equally colorful description of Joyce Giraud.

Brandi appears on Bethenny last week and says that she feels badly for some of her behavior on the show this season. "I just think I've taken things a little too far, and I've lost my temper where I think that I shouldn't have," Brandi says. "And I let people get to me or get under my skin that I know are just, like, ambitious little anorexic chihuahuas, and I should probably not do that."

Whoa! Very harsh words. When Bethenny Frankel clarifies that Joyce is indeed who Brandi is referring to, Brandi corrects Bethenny and says Joyce's name is "Jacqueline." Then, Brandi reconsiders. "I have to say, I made a conscious decision not to call her 'Jacqueline' because it really bothers her, so from now on, she's just 'Jackie,'" Brandi says. Somehow, we feel like Joyce won't appreciate the effort.

Brandi says that she didn't always hate Joyce. "I liked her at first, until she started getting involved in other people's arguments that had nothing to do with her," she explains.

Meanwhile, Joyce has responded on Twitter to Brandi's comments. "I LOVE how in an interview about her 'book,' she makes me her topic. Obsessed, much? #braindead #pathetic," Joyce tweets on February 13.

Do you think Brandi is out of line?

Source: Bethenny on YouTube, Joyce on Twitter