Brandi Glanville to NeNe Leakes: Get to Know Me Before Judging Me!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville to NeNe Leakes: Get to Know Me Before Judging Me!

No need for sunglasses on this sunny day, Bravo fans, on account of all the shade being thrown! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty Brandi Glanville is still fuming about Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, and taking to the tabloids to defend herself.

It all started on May 5, when star NeNe told Bravo domo Andy Cohen that Brandi is "just a trainwreck" and that she "says a lot of stuff that she does not need to say," adding that Ms. Glanville "thinks she’s a gangsta or something. She thinks she can get in people’s faces and say whatever she wants to say … I like her when she’s not drinking. Brandi and drinks don’t work for me."

Brandi took to Twitter to respond to NeNe's diss in a multitude of pointed tweets.

"Hot mess, yes! #drinkingandtweeting trainwreck, no. I take care of two perfect little men, so no more wrecks here."

"We have met twice! Once I was very sober, once very not. I dont give a f—k what someone that doesn't know me thinks! Thats it."

"Honestly don't give too much of a f—k what someone @NeNeLeakes who has only met me twice thinks."

"Its a little scary when peeps start to believe their own hype and drink their own Kool-Aid, taking responsibility for everyone's success."

Now she tells In Touch that NeNe is not in a position to pass judgment.

"I feel like if NeNe is going to make statements about me, she should spend more than five minutes with me. She should get to know me before judging me."

Wait, was that really Brandi speaking? Where were the f-bombs?

Source: In Touch Weekly