Brandi Glanville Confirms She Has a New Guy — Is It NFL’s Drew Carter?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Confirms She Has a New Guy — Is It NFL’s Drew Carter?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville appears to be off the market these days. And we have three words to say about that: Get it, girl! But just who is this lucky new guy who has stolen her heart?

Brandi teased her Twitter followers recently with a tantalizing hint at her ever-busy love life. On August 19, she tweeted:

Way to go, B! And if you're wondering why Brandi doesn't just, y'know, ask the gentleman whether they're exclusive or not... well, apparently that would be too easy.

"Not hot," Brandi replied to a Twitter follower who suggested that she ask her guy point-blank where they stand. Uh, if you say so, Brandi.

Of course, the big question that we want answered is, who the heck is this guy? Rumors swirled earlier this month when Brandi brought former NFL player Drew Carter with her to the Real Housewives Season 4 wrap-up party. The two have been spotted together several times this summer, and Drew recently posted a flirty pic of the two on Instagram.

So is Drew indeed Brandi's kinda-sorta boyfriend? Not so fast. Last weekend, Brandi took to Twitter to emphatically deny that she and Drew are dating. "Just had a catch up dinner with one of my Best male friends after not seeing him in months," Brandi wrote about Drew on August 10. "Absolutely NOTHING romantic!!!"

Hmmm. We're not exactly sure who this guy is, but Brandi who had previously been linked to realtor Jonathan Ruiz certainly loves to keep us all guessing about her paramours. Back in March, she had mysteriously tweeted that she had the "BEST guy taking care of me in EVERY way for the last 36 hrs- BEST BEST BEST." And then we didn't really hear anything about this guy again. In other words, her liberal use of caps lock in that tweet may have been for naught.

We're hoping to learn the new guy's identity soon but as long as Brandi's happy, we're happy!

Source: Brandi's Twitter