Brandi Glanville Fires Back at Kenya Moore Calling Her an “Ass Clown” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Brandi Glanville Fires Back at Kenya Moore Calling Her an “Ass Clown” (VIDEO)

And the Atlanta-Beverly Hills showdown continues! Just 24 hours after Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore called Brandi Glanville an “idiot” on Watch What Happens Live, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star fired back at her — on the same exact show!

The always-drama-stirring Andy Cohen asked Kenya on Sunday, February 9, why she had recently referred to Brandi as an “ass clown” on Twitter.

"Well, she's an idiot, really," Kenya replied. "She went after me in a blog because I said how ignorant her comments were when she went after Joyce about black people not being able to swim."

Of course, Miss Glanville wasn’t about to take those comments lying down. When she had her turn in Andy’s house on Monday, February 10, the late night host played the tape back to show the sharp-tongued gal what her Atlanta counterpart had said about her the night before. And at first, she did something completely out of character: she (sort of?) apologized!

“No, I agree with her that that was an ass clown thing to say,” she said. Whoa — is that really you, Brandi? But then she continued, “But, I still think she needs some… something. With the dark, dark makeup — it’s just really ashy and weird.”

“Brandi apologized there for a second, and then went back,” Andy pointed out, laughing.

“I learned from [Lisa] Vanderpump how to do that!” Brandi fires back. Double Housewife slam! Girl is on a roll!

Guess we shouldn’t count on any real cease fire between Brandi and Kenya anytime soon. But who would want that, really? We’re just curious to see how that “ashy” comment goes over on Kenya...

What do you think of Brandi’s comments about Kenya? Did she go overboard? Tell us in the comments below.

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