RHoBH’s Brandi Glanville Is Scared of Kenya Moore: “She Wants to Murder Me!” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHoBH’s Brandi Glanville Is Scared of Kenya Moore: “She Wants to Murder Me!” (VIDEO)

We didn’t think that Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville was afraid of anyone! The sharp-tongued reality star has always been one to share even her most controversial opinions — whether we asked for them or not. And that’s why people love her! But there is one person that sends her shivering in her stilettos: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

Though they don’t even appear on the same Housewives franchise, Kenya and Brandi have been at odds for months now, thanks to the magic of Twitter feuds. It all goes back to when Kenya called her Beverly Hills counterpart an “ass clown” on the social media site, after Brandi referred to her RHOBH co-star Joyce Giraud as being “like a black person” for not being able to swim.

This week, Brandi appeared on Bethennyjust one day after Kenya did! — and she let it be known that, although she’s fought back against the Atlanta gal before, she’s actually pretty frightened of her.

“I am not afraid of very many people,” Brandi admitted to the host, adding, “I am actually afraid of Kenya Moore.”

“Really? How do you know Kenya Moore?” Bethenny questioned, clearly not as well-acquainted with the backstory as we all are.

“I don't. She just wants to murder me,” Brandi revealed, which, okay… is a little extreme, if you ask us. But maybe she really is scared for her life! Who are we to say.

Bethenny — who apparently knew a little more than she led on — says, “She called you an ass clown. A clown that talks out of it’s ass, which is why I now know that.”

“She’s got a big ass but in a good way,” Brandi quipped, before realizing she just insulted the woman she’s afraid of. “Now she’s really going to hurt me.”

When Bethenny inquired as to why Brandi, who is afraid of very little, is afraid of Kenya she admitted it’s because of her size: “I am not but she’s a big girl, she’s tall I met her once. I am scared, I am not going to lie.”

As for the girls from her own 90210 zip code, Brandi said she can take them all — except for maybe Carlton Gebbia. But the Atlanta ladies are a different story.

“But Atlanta, I am not going near any of those girls! I saw them fighting I was like, ‘Uh oh I am scared!’”

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