Brandi Glanville: There Wouldn’t Be a Show Without Me
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville: There Wouldn’t Be a Show Without Me

On this week’s installment of Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered, Brandi was joined by one of her closest friends from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: the ever-controversial Carlton Gebbia. While Carlton has only been around this season, these two have connected (in more ways than one) right from the get-go. While dishing out some dirt in the podcast, these ladies chatted about their now-infamous kiss, Carlton’s wiccan faith, and, most importantly, why Brandi believes she is carrying the Bravo franchise on her shoulders.

“Honestly, this year, if Carlton and I hadn't kissed, I hadn't said this stupid joke, and Lisa and I didn't get in a fight, we wouldn't have a show," Brandi bluntly stated. "I'm just being honest, and it sucks, but I tend to be volatile, and I love hard at the end of the day."

Hmm, OK. So Brandi is obviously putting a positive spin on the biggest controversy of the season and is talking herself up. And leave it to the “sexiest witch” to rush to Brandi’s side during her darkest moment.

Brandi Glanville: There Wouldn’t Be a Show Without Me
Credit: Courtesy of Bravo    

"I definitely think you're at disadvantage," Carlton proposed. "I think other people on this Housewives team have all shown their relationships with their children. You haven't, so you are at a disadvantage. But I have seen it firsthand. I know what an amazing mum you are." That’s a decent point, actually.

“It’s hard,” Brandi responded. “[The viewers] see the drunk Brandi saying stupid s—t, but I want them to see what you see. We’ve gone out to dinner with the kids — which, it’s so adorable — I have other sides to me just as you do.”

And whether or not we wipe Brandi’s controversy out of our minds anytime soon, Carlton has a sure-fire way for her gal pal to move on from this, a mantra of sorts.

“The people that send in the negative s—t, well it’s like f—k you,” Carlton said. OK, sounds like a plan.

Do you think The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would be around without Brandi? Does she make the show? Hit the comments and let us know!

Source: Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered

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