Brandi Glanville Thinks LeAnn Rimes Using Feud to Boost Her Career?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville Thinks LeAnn Rimes Using Feud to Boost Her Career?

Is there a surprising reason why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes's feud never seems to go away?

Brandi is apparently tired of fighting publicly with LeAnn, and she is now suggesting that LeAnn might be keeping their beef alive to help her music career.

LeAnn's new album Spitfire was released earlier this month, and as LeAnn appeared on talk shows to promote the album, she was inevitably asked about her relationship with husband Eddie Cibrian, not to mention Eddie's ex, Brandi.

Now, Brandi is speaking out on Twitter about things between herself and the country star.

"I'm not in a fight or twitter war with anyone," Brandi writes on June 17.

However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a bone to pick with a certain someone.

"I wish someone would stop doing interviews about me," Brandi continues. "Maybe I'm a storyline to boost a career." Ouch!

Brandi's comment appears to be a not-so-subtle dig at LeAnn's recent album sales. Spitfire has not been selling well, having debuted at number 36 on the Billboard chart last week with only 10,798 albums moved.

So why exactly does Brandi want this someone to stop talking about her?

"It's hard when you log onto your timeline, and it's all about these interviews," she explains to a Twitter follower. "I wish all well."

Somehow, we don't think LeAnn and Brandi are going to stop talking about each other overnight, but it's nice to be optimistic.

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