Brandi Glanville is addressing the remarks she and Joyce Giraud made to each other during this week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Brandi writes in her Bravo blog that Joyce's comment this week about not being "too thin" prove that she's a liar. "This is almost the same saying as Joyce's opening tagline, which she's complained about," Brandi writes. "Hmm. Interesting. That's just like how adamant she was about not being able to swim  but now she says she actually can swim, just not that well. Lie, much?"

"Joyce saying you never be too thin really bothered me, because in fact you can," Brandi adds, referring to eating disorders. "I think that Joyce may have a problem. Maybe instead of focusing on what she thinks my issues are, she should take a closer look at herself and her own issues."

Brandi didn't appreciate Joyce talking about her friend Etirsa. "[Joyce] said she knew why I brought one of my best friends (Etirsa) to Kyle's fitting," Brandi writes. "I honestly think that remark was the most racist remark ever."

Brandi wishes that Joyce's husband, Michael, hadn't chimed in. "Joyce's husband should not have involved himself in that way," she says. "He wasn't around for any of the issues. While a man should stick up for his wife — that should never involve yelling at another woman. Did I really want to murder the ex-Miss Pureto Rico? No, but in my head, I was imagining knocking one of her fake teeth out in my head." Yikes!

"All Joyce does is exaggerate EVERYTHING — just as you saw when she mimicked Lisa's hair flip," Brandi continues. "So lame!" Uh, is it just us, or is there way too much hair-related drama this season?

Do you agree with what Brandi writes?

Source: Bravo