We got to see Brandi Glanville experiencing a very happy moment earlier this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she found a beautiful home to rent. Sadly, she now has to leave that home  but has she already found a replacement for it?

At the end of December 2013, Brandi announced that her home's owner suddenly wants to sell it. "We have only been here 9 months, grrrr," she tweeted. 

However, Brandi took to Twitter this week to say that she was back to house-hunting and had already found a potential keeper. "Ok, so I'm wasn't going to tell anyone, but I just did the most grown-up thing, & I have knots in my stomach  I put a bid on a house!" Brandi writes on January 11. "Cant breathe."

Brandi later wrote that she couldn't wait to find out if she gets the home. "OMG its crazy!" she tweets. "I canceled plans to stay in tonight since boys are at dads! Too much energy!"

When a Twitter follower wished her the best, Brandi responded, "Thanks, but I may not get it, or I may  either way, it's exciting! :)"

Sadly, it turns out that this wasn't the right home for Brandi. "Didn't get [the home], but I think everything happens for a reason," she tweets on January 12. Bummer! But we love Brandi's attitude, and we wish her the best in her search.

Source: Brandi on Twitter