Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has had a tough time adjusting to life without her dog Chica, who has been missing since last summer. But has Chica finally been found?

Chica has been missing since June 2013, as she got loose during an apparent break-in at Brandi's home while Brandi was in Palm Springs filming RHoBH. We saw Brandi react to the sad news on Season 4, and Brandi was never able to find her.

However, could Brandi and Chica actually get reunited? That seemingly improbable happy ending just might happen, based on an email Brandi just received.

"I'm freaking out - I just got an email from a lady who thinks she found Chica and the video looks exactly like her!! @JenniferGimenez chk email," Brandi tweets on February 3.

Wow! We're trying to not get our hopes up, but we would be so happy if this does in fact turn out to be Brandi's missing dog. It's hard to believe that Chica could have been safe on her own for all this time, but we suppose anything is possible. We've all seen the '90s pets-survival movie Homeward Bound, after all.

Do you think Brandi will get Chica back? Or do you think this is a different dog?

Source: Brandi on Twitter