Did Brandi Call Joyce a “Big Fat Pig?” Sneak Peek of RHoBH Season 4, Episode 6
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Did Brandi Call Joyce a “Big Fat Pig?” Sneak Peek of RHoBH Season 4, Episode 6

Family reunions, high school graduations, stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — things were pretty tame on tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 4, Episode 5). Don’t expect the waters to stay calm for long, however, because the ladies are headed to Palm Springs... and we all know what happens on those Housewives getaways!

When RHoBH airs its sixth episode of the season, Brandi Glanville will get a bit too relaxed on their mini vacation. While chatting over dinner, it’s clear that Brandi’s imbibed in a few too many glasses of wine when she can’t seem to keep Joyce Giraud’s name straight.

“She doesn’t look like a Joyce,” Brandi exclaims, after calling her “Jacqueline” numerous times. “Joyce is a big fat pig!”

While Brandi clearly didn’t intend for the comment to be taken as an attack against Joyce herself, Kyle can’t stop herself from jumping to her defense.

“It doesn’t sound like a big fat pig,” Kyle says. “It sounds like a beautiful girl who is drop-dead gorgeous, whose name means joy and happiness.

Brandi attempts to clear up her comment by saying she doesn’t even like her own name. However, when Joyce suggests she change it, things get even uglier.

“Oh, go f—k yourself,” Brandi mumbles.

Watch this sneak peek from the RHoBH Season 4, Episode 6, then make sure to tune in when it airs on Monday, December 9 on Bravo!