Brandon Andreen Gets Visa to Live With Aussie Girlfriend — What’s the Catch?
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Brandon Andreen Gets Visa to Live With Aussie Girlfriend — What’s the Catch?

Truth-bomb time: When we heard that Bachelorette Season 9 cast-off Brandon Andreen was flying to Australia to meet his online girlfriend for the first time, our first reaction was, “Oh, no he didn’t.” Indeed, we were worried for our dear, naive little butterfly and were ready to send him many DVDs of the show Catfish (we keep a collection). However, it looks like our skepticism was for naught, as things could not be going better for the couple. Well, for the most part.

Brandon met Aussie photographer/model Kate Smeda in January 2014 when she reached out to him as his Bachelorette episodes aired in Australia. The two started chatting and clicked, so he flew to Perth to meet her. Against the odds, they’ve turned out to be a perfect fit. Brandon is now back in Minnesota but has been just granted a visa to work and live in Australia.

I WAS GRANTED MY VISA FOR AUSTRALIA!!” he tweeted enthusiastically on April 7. “Going back to Australia in 21 days and counting!! Can't wait to be back with my better half.” Meanwhile, Kate has posted numerous adorable pics of them, referring to Brandon as “my everything.”

So everything’s coming up roses (so to speak) for them, right? Er, not so fast. Brandon was given a “work and holiday” visa, meaning he can only stay in Australia for a year. But hopefully, that will give the couple time to take things slowly and figure out where they’re headed.

If nothing else, they can feel good knowing that their relationship has lasted way longer than we ever expected it to. And we mean that in the best way possible.

Are you surprised that things are going so well for Brandon and Kate?

Source: Brandon on Twitter