Is Brandon DeShazer Pressing Charges After Apollo Nida Broke His Rib in the Fight?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Brandon DeShazer Pressing Charges After Apollo Nida Broke His Rib in the Fight?

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to be especially loaded with supporting faces, and while that occasionally works in the “friends’” favor, sometimes they are better off steering clear of the RHoA drama. In our opinion, no one knows this better than Kenya Moore’s assistant, Brandon DeShazer.

When Kenya got up out of her seat during a conversation with singer Christopher Williams on the January 26 episode of the Bravo hit and the crooner put his hand on her arm, her assistant Brandon came to her defense only to get pummeled by Apollo Nida for no real reason at all. Though no ambulances we called after the fight, Brandon wasn’t in great shape, and in the February 9 installment, we see the aftermath of the intense quarrel.

“He cracked my rib,” an emotional Brandon tells Kenya in the sneak peek below. Kenya then remarks that she wasn’t aware of how badly Apollo hurt her friend. “Do you know that’s an automatic felony?” he asks.

Apollo has been in jail before (for racketeering) and reportedly turned himself over to the feds just last week on additional charges of bank fraud and identity theft, so clearly he doesn’t need anything else to add to his rap sheet.

But did injured Brandon end up pressing charges against Phae-Phae’s hubby?

When one of Kenya’s followers remarked that her assistant should seek justice and Kenya should encourage him to do so, she replied, “That's his decision alone.” It doesn’t look like Brandon’s filed charges yet (remember this fight was actually filmed several months ago), but maybe he’ll have a change of heart after watching everything play out on television.

Do you think Brandon should press charges after Apollo assaulted him? Tell us your opinions below!