Kenya Moore Says Brandon Deshazer Exchanged “Many Texts” With NeNe Leakes Before the Party
Credit: Brandon DeShazer on Instagram    

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Says Brandon Deshazer Exchanged “Many Texts” With NeNe Leakes Before the Party

The plot thickens in the battle between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The drama first started when NeNe blamed Kenya for the violent events that occurred at her Pillow Talk party. Then, Kenya took issue with NeNe’s use of the word "queen" to describe her gay friend, Brandon Deshazer. Now, Kenya is claiming that Brandon has a bunch of texts from NeNe and, what's more, that NeNe was high during the filming of the notorious episode.

Kenya took to Twitter to spill the tea.

"I wish @BrandonDeShay would take a screenshot and post the many texts from nene #showthereceipts #dontrememberthingswhenurhigh #RHOA," Kenya wrote.

Her followers quickly urged Brandon to do the same, dying to see what Brandon and NeNe could have possibly exchanged over text. But so far, Brandon is staying mum on the topic.

What Kenya could be referring to is the fact that NeNe claimed that she never gave Brandon her phone number, and yet, he texted to apologize for the pajama brawl. During the episode, NeNe insinuated that Kenya was the one who gave Brandon her number. So, Kenya may just be trying to prove that NeNe and Brandon had exchanged plenty of texts even before the incident.

As for her hashtag implying that NeNe was high during the night in question, this is the second time that Kenya has suggested this. When another one of Kenya’s Twitter fans defended her, telling her that she didn't charge at anyone, Kenya responded, "you didn't see me charge at anyone bc it didn't happen. Only ppl on something would claim something that didn't happen."

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