Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd Seen Kissing (Again!) — Dancing With the Stars Partners Dating Now? Report
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Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd Seen Kissing (Again!) — Dancing With the Stars Partners Dating Now? Report

There are worse fates for a girl than to be repeatedly linked to Pretty Little Liars actor Brant Daugherty. There are also worse problems for a boy than to constantly hear about his chemistry with Dancing With the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd. So maybe they won't mind the latest rumor about their relationship status, accurate or not.

Brant and Peta are now back in the speculation ring after they denied dating each other during DWTS Season 17. During the fall 2013 season, we saw cutesy photos of the dance partners together off-set, and even saw them share a little kiss. But friends can give each other little pecks, right?

Well, an eyewitness told Us Weekly that the DWTS pair were “making out” on Sunday, December 8 at the Trevor Live L.A. event in Hollywood, reviving rumors that they may be dating.

Some unnamed source inside the ballroom said Peta, 27, and Brant, 28, showed PDA all night, including Peta rubbing Brant’s back and the couple sharing kisses several times during the charity raffle. Maybe they were chaste little kisses? Even if they were “making out,” they still might not define themselves as a couple. The rules for dating are… pretty much nonexistent nowadays.

Brant's Instagram has several photos of him with Peta, which makes sense since they became close on DWTS. He posted a new one with his arms around Peta on December 9, writing, "Had so much fun at Trevor Live last night with this lovely lady by my side @petamurgatroyd."

Back in October, Peta denied a relationship with Brant beyond friendship/dance partners, telling Steppin' Out magazine, "We're just friends. It happens to me every single season with every partner. We're just very close friends.” Brant also told Celebuzz in November, "For the one millionth time, no we are not dating. We are locked in a studio with a camera crew for five hours every single day. It's not a place where something like that can really grow."

He said they were just really close, but now that they aren't locked in a studio together and they are just choosing to spend that time with one another... maybe the feelings have evolved? Heck, whose feelings wouldn't enter the crush zone with Brant or Peta?

What do you think? It's their business, not ours, but since we like both of them, we wouldn't mind if they fell in love, got married, and had three beautiful babies and named them after the judges. Is that so wrong?

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