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These Bravo Stars Have Been Together Since the ‘90s, But Who Are They? (PHOTO)

Aw, we about died when we saw this throwback photo posted by a Bravo star of herself and her husband. The pic is from recently after they met — which was back in 1991 at college. They got hitched in 1996, and are still together today... and after about 15 years of marriage, they started having some of the most adorable babies to ever grace a celebrity Instagram.

Of course, it's not just the throwback cuteness that makes this photo adorable; it's the super '90s hair, too! It's definitely one of the things that makes this couple nearly unrecognizable back in the day, because here's a hint: The lady half of this pair is now not only blonde, but a super-famous stylist. It's not that she doesn't look fantastic in this photo, but it does make us feel a little better that even the best of us owned bottles of LA Looks hair gel at some point.

Now 42, she's been schoolin' us with style on Bravo since 2008. But who is she? Get a guess ready, and click through to see if you're right!