Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 21, “They Threw a Shoe at You?!”
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Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 21, “They Threw a Shoe at You?!”

Last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values brought both the humor and sincerity that we’ve come to expect from the Braxton clan. Even though a great deal of the episode involved Braxton matriarch Evelyn Braxton’s road to self defense, there were quite a few fun moments from sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina, Traci Braxton, and Tamar Braxton.

Here were the top moments from Season 3, Episode 21, They Threw a Shoe at You?!:

1. Evelyn’s got a stalker… and it’s serious. At the top of the episode we learn that Mama Evelyn has a stalker — and it’s pretty serious. While visiting Towanda, Trina, and Traci at Towanda’s home in Atlanta, Evelyn tells her girls that she fears for her life now that an ex boyfriend of hers is harassing her. She told her daughters that not only does this person make a copy of her house keys and garage opener, but he also confronted her with a slew of curse words and threw a shoe at her! Seriously, who is this dude?!

2. It’s Tony’s birthday! The sisters fly out to L.A. for Toni’s birthday and try to do a fun activity (sans Tamar) for the birthday girl. At first they try bike riding, but fail miserably. Finally, Traci and Towanda concede to taking ballroom classes with Toni, who has fallen in love with dancing since her time on Dancing With the Stars. While in the dance studio, Towanda expresses that her ultimate goal is to be on Dancing With the Stars like her sister Toni and so she begins to take the dance seriously (as well as make a plea for the producers of DWTS to call her in her confessional).

Later at Tamar and Vincent’s home, Tamar transforms her dining room for a lavish birthday dinner in honor of Toni. At the dinner, Tay-Tay prays for Toni to have more friends and find a new man who is fun, wealthy, and generous. Toni then goes on to say that she hopes she spends her next birthday on a date.

3. Logan makes his debut on the show! Though we got to see itty-bitty Logan for a little bit on Tamar & Vince, we finally get to see Logan make his Braxton Family Values debut — in “all Gucci everything” no less — when Trina comes by to have aunty and baby time with him.

4. Evelyn takes self-defense classes. The one good thing about Ms. E’s situation is that she’s currently living in L.A. where she’s helping Tamar take care of baby Logan. But when Evelyn tells Tamar (in front of Traci and Trina) that the order of protection she filed against this stalker fell through as his last known residence is unknown and he can’t be served with the restraining order, Traci and Tamar begin to fear for their mom. With that being said, Traci makes an appointment for Evelyn to meet with the Congo warrior himself, Sgt. Tchicaya.

At the self-defense class, Evelyn proves to be a bit timid and doesn’t pay much attention to the moves she’s supposed to do. Instead, she gets caught up on sitting on Tchicaya’s chest when she’s supposed to be attacking him. But eventually Evelyn gets her head in the game, and when Tchicaya has her pulling a car (yes, a car), she finally feels like she’s able to do just about anything.

5. Towanda takes Trina for toys of the sexual variety… Hoping to jump start Trina’s dating life (since filing for divorce from hubby of 10 years Gabe Solis), Towanda takes her sister to a kink shop in Atlanta and tries to coax her into buying several playthings and erotic movies. The sisters talk about their preferences, and this is when Towanda tells Trina that she should look into dating men of their ethnicity, however, Trina says that it’s not in the cards for her at the moment.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, January 23, at 9 p.m. on WE TV.

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