Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 23: “Shade Anonymous”
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Braxton Family Values: Top 5 Moments From Season 3, Episode 23: “Shade Anonymous”

The Braxton clan doesn't miss a beat and with this latest episode of Braxton Family Values, we found that some of the sisters were very much “in their feelings.” While Tamar Braxton struggled to keep it together on tour, Toni Braxton tried to find the best way to tell her story without digging too deep into her family’s past.

1. Tamar gets deep in her feelings. Despite the fact that Trina Braxton decides to join a lonely Tamar on the road (while touring with John Legend), Tamar is still quite upset by the fact that neither sisters Towanda or Traci Braxton jumped on her invite to accompany her on the road. Tamar then goes into a rant about not knowing what she ever did to Towanda or Traci to make them despise her so much. Trina, listening to it all, tells her baby sister that the only way that she and her distant sisters will ever be OK again is if they take the time to hash out their differences. Then and only then will things be better.

2. Toni struggles to write her memoir. Moving forward with her memoir, Toni is finding herself in a bit of a tricky place with reliving her childhood and upbringing, without offending anyone by revealing some of her experiences that involved her family. Toni reveals that while her mother, Evelyn Braxton, was the driving force behind making the Braxton siblings the vocalists that they are, she had “Joe Jackson-esque” tendencies. Granted, Toni says that her mother was nothing like the famous Jackson patriarch, but her mom would often keep them inside to go over music instead of playing games and would even reprimand the sisters if they messed up or lost concentration occasionally.

Toni went on to say that her mother was even disappointed when she discussed (much earlier in her singer career) that she and her sisters weren’t allowed to wear pants or listen to secular music, as they were the preacher’s kids, and she hopes to find a delicate balance of telling her story without over-exposing her family.

3. Traci shares her music with Toni. While visiting Toni in L.A., Traci brings along a copy of her first solo single, “Last Call”, for her big sister’s approval. Toni tells Traci that she really likes the record, and that not only does it it suit Traci, but it reminds her a lot of Tamar’s sound. Toni then tells Traci that she should probably let Tamar hear the song to get her thoughts about it. Traci seems a little uneasy by the comparisons and suggestions, but agrees to let Tamar in the loop when she’s not so “booked.”

Toni also tells Traci that she should start working on losing more weight. She lovingly tells her sis that she doesn’t have to be skinny, but now that she’s making music, she has to play the part and look “sexy.”

4. Tamar’s voice betrays her. Being on the road is proving tough for Tay-Tay. Now that the “Love & War” singer is performing almost every other night, her voice barely has time to recover and she’s been having problems vocalizing. Furthermore, her husband, Vincent “The” Herbert aka Teddy Ruxpin, is in the hospital tackling MRIs on his body and Tamar’s road crew is a little on the free-spirited side. Things become a little hectic for Tamar on her way to her Detroit show (as Tamar’s bus is running late, and her nebulizer machine is cutting on and off, and her entourage aren’t prepared), but Tay-Tay’s able to pull things together at the last minute.

5. Trina has “shade-free” sister time. Rejoining Toni in L.A., Trina and Toni have a little sister time with Trina and Towanda. While there, the sisters probe Toni about the progress of her memoir, but she casually tells them know that she intends to write her truth and only her truth and hopes to not ruffle anyones feathers.

In the midst of the conversation, Trina talks about her experience on the road with Tamar and how “free-spirited” it is. She relays that Tamar is more on a buddy system with her road crew, instead of delegating direct commands and being free-spirited. Toni admits that she resents not being able to be there for Tamar on her first major tour, but encourages Towanda to ease Tamar’s loneliness by singing background for the baby Braxton. Towanda is clearly not interested in hitting the road with Tamar as she doesn’t think that Tamar has truly been to “shade anonymous” and has gotten over her dramatic ways.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, February 6, at 9 p.m. on WE TV.

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