Braxton Family Values: Top 6 Moments of Season 3, Episode 24: “Who Wants to Be a Braxton?”
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Braxton Family Values: Top 6 Moments of Season 3, Episode 24: “Who Wants to Be a Braxton?”

Last night, the Braxton clan endured a lot of anxiety during Season 3, Episode 24 (“Who Wants to Be a Braxton?”) of Braxton Family Values. Between Tamar’s reluctance to talk about her sibling situations, Toni’s reluctance to talk about bankruptcy, Miss Evelyn’s stressful arrest, and Trina’s tearful separation from her son Eric, everyone was a little down in the dumps.

1. Tamar gets real. At a press conference during her tour, Tamar comes face to face with reporters who want to know all the deets about her relationship with her sisters — including which sister she’s closest to. Growing increasingly tired of talking about her “problems” with Towanda, Tamar simply says that she and her siblings have their moments just like any other family. When asked whether or not she would have another child, Tamar quickly responded “never” and when asked to describe her hubby, Vincent Herbert, she said “everything.” Aww! Tamar also was asked to describe herself and the word she said came to mind was “worthy” because she was deserving of everything that has happened to her.

2. Miss Evelyn is arrested and deals with the consequences. Miss E joins the crew of arrested Braxton gals (aka Trina Braxton) when she’s stopped at an airport in New York for having a taser gun in her purse (as it’s illegal in NY, but OK in Ga). Because of this accidental infraction, Evelyn is taking into custody, booked, fingerprinted, and has to spend a night in jail. After she’s released, she has to fly back to New York to appear for a court date. There, she takes a plea deal that puts her on probation for a year. If Miss E does anything during that time — a speeding ticket, a parking violation, anything — she can serve prison time! Oh, and did we mention that not only did they take her taser gun, but her Louis Vuitton bag too?!

At this point, Evelyn is feeling severely depressed as she feels that she can’t protect herself from her stalker because of her plea deal.

3. Towanda shows off her sexy side. At the same time Miss E. is going over her troublesome time in the Big Apple, Towanda decides to show her sisters and mom the photos from her 40th birthday photoshoot. While Trina, Traci, and Toni find the photos to be fun, Tamar and Ms. E thinks that Towanda’s nude photos are too much.

4. Trina has separation anxiety. Trina’s gearing up for her sons move to college and it’s got her feeling extra depressed. The sisters make fun of her overly emotional state and tell her to move on. Trina, being the only sister with an adult (18-year-old, to be exact) child, reminds her sisters that someday they will all experience what she’s going through and see that it’s not easy. As Trina packs up Eric’s room (with Towanda’s help) in their home in Atlanta, the singer begins to cry realizing that her son is no longer a baby.

Braxton Family Values: Top 6 Moments of Season 3, Episode 24: “Who Wants to Be a Braxton?”
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5. Toni reveals her biggest regret. Finally getting ready to write her memoir, Toni starts to dig deep in some of the more standout moments of her life, including her bankruptcy, which she’s still on edge talking about, her biggest successes and regrets. Surprisingly, Toni reveals that her biggest regret (though it was a good and bad thing to happen to her) was doing Braxton Family Values! Shocking, we know. Well, Toni goes on to say that the reasons she regrets doing the show is because it gave people the negative impression that she was both broke (because of her bankruptcy) and desperate (even though she could’ve made more money touring) and had to do reality TV.

Another reason why Toni regrets the show? Because it wasn’t her idea in the first place. Tamar came to Toni with the idea, making Toni almost resent that she had to be the one break the ground. While Toni definitely loves the opportunities that the show has provided for her and her sisters, who she believes needing the landing page to kick their career into gear, the R&B singer still feels that burden of responsibility of looking out for them with the show being a prime example.

6. Traci, Trina, and Towanda want to be millionaires. Towanda was asked if she and her sister Trina and Traci would be contestants on Who Want to Be a Millionaire, with the proceeds of the game going to a charity of their choice (Saving Our Daughters). The sisters eagerly agree on the condition that Towanda loosens up her controlling, competitive attitude. Once the girls hit the show’s studio in New York, they argue over who will be the save towards the end of the game (read: who is smarter). Towanda thinks she should be the save, while Trina throws her college degree as a reason why she’s got the show in the bag.

As the show starts, Towanda takes the stage with Traci, and Towanda is on a roll answer question after question correctly. The ladies reach a $65,000 jackpot and feel confident that they’ll be able to bring the million dollar prize home. However, after Towanda becomes stuck on a question, the game show host decides to let all three sisters play instead of two at a time. The sisters are on a lucky streak, but when they come to a question they don’t know, Trina guesses the answer, and Towanda locks it in as the final answer. Unfortunately, the answer is wrong and Towanda immediately blames Trina for losing a large portion of their prize money.

At dinner, Towanda continues to point the finger at Trina, who calls Towanda a sore loser incapable of taking partial blame for locking in an answer they were all uncertain about. By the end of the dinner, Trina notes that they still didn’t lose as they walked away with $25,000 for their cause. During a confessional, Towanda accepts her part for losing the money, but is happy that they won something for the cause… even though she wished they could’ve won more.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, February 13 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

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