The Braxton Sisters Have Their Lady Parts Steamed! (VIDEO)
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The Braxton Sisters Have Their Lady Parts Steamed! (VIDEO)

Braxton Family Values Season 4 fans will be in for a bit of fun tonight, as the sisters put their feuding behavior to the side for a bit to enjoy some quality time at the spa. But guys, this isn’t just any kind of spa. In fact, this spa is designed to give special treatment to a woman’s nether regions, and the ladies’ reactions are priceless!

In this exclusive clip, the sisters take Towanda Braxton up on the offer to attend the spa to receive a “V-steam.”

“I had heard it helps you get an O. Is that true?” Tamar Braxton asks the spa technician, who responds that it does “help a lot with your sex life.” Seconds later, Toni asks when can the ladies get

changed, and sister Trina Braxton blurts out that Toni’s “horny.”

The fun really starts when the sisters get dressed in their robes, which remind them of the gospel robes they used to wear in church. Led by Tamar, the sisters sing gospels from their youth. Trina is happy to see that her sisters are enjoying themselves and it gives her hope for their upcoming inspirational album. However, all gospel songs are halted when the sisters are seated for their V-steam.

So, what do they think of it?

”It’s real wrong though. It feels like I need to take a poo. It’s real invasive and intrusive,” Tamar says, while Toni Braxton pipes that it’s “a little uncomfortable,” and makes her feel “like I have to boo boo.”

Will the sisters be able to enjoy their V-steam? Tune in tonight to find out!

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