BREAKING: Andi Dorfman Picks Josh Murray in The Bachelorette 2014 Finale!
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The Bachelorette

BREAKING: Andi Dorfman Picks Josh Murray in The Bachelorette 2014 Finale!

Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette has been a nail biter. Fans everywhere were smitten by several of her men, and we were left wondering how she would ever be able to choose between charmers like Chris Soules, Marquel Martin, Marcus Grodd, and Dylan Petitt.

But one man stood out from the rest — Josh Murray — and though he didn’t get the First Impression Rose he did snag the Dorf’s Final Rose, which is all that counts in love and reality TV. When the baller first stepped out of the limo, Andi said that if the producers were trying to find a guy that was her type then they, “nailed it, pegged it, damn.” And with that eloquence, a great love was born.

The duo got off to an odd combo of a slow yet steamy start, with Andi love, love, loving to kiss on the guy, then wondering if she should play it cool instead. He was, after all, an athlete — five years ago — and we all know about those athletes, right? No? Well, according to the assistant D.A., you can’t trust any of them.

Josh slowly won the Dorf over through a series of giggly makeout sessions and #realtalk in which he begged her to stop stereotyping him. Their chemistry was through the roof on their 1-on-1’s in Marseilles and Ghent, and a real romance began to blossom, with J.Murrs even dropping a feelsies bomb on Andi in Week 7.

But the issue of whether Andi could fully trust the fellow Atlantan clouded their relationship throughout the season, even creeping its way into Hy Dorfman’s mind when he met Josh in the finale in the Dominican Republic. Hy’s words? “She says he’s different but he’s still an athlete."

Seems like the suspicious apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...

In the end, Andi’s love for Josh was just too real and she decided the baller had earned her heart and, at long last, her trust. Bonus note? Hy even caved too and gave Josh his Hy blessing!

Josh earned Andi's trust so thoroughly that she decided to let Nick Viall go before the Rose Ceremony, putting all her eggs in one basket and letting Nick down as easy as you can let someone down who’s chomping at the bit to propose. Well, she didn't really let him down that easy, telling him over and over that "the feeling's not right" and that she thinks a life with Nick would mean "over analyzing every single moment." Ouch.

With Nick stepping to the left, Andi gave Josh the green light to forever land.

Josh’s response? Hells yeah! Actually, it was a bit more eloquent than that, saying “In order to complete my life to complete me I needed to find that great love — a love that you read in books, a love that you hear in songs.” He went on to say that after their first kiss “I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. That it wasn’t just me, that it was us together. You are the answer to all my prayers, you are the woman of my dreams.”

After that Hollywood speech, Andi kind of left the guy hanging in the wind, recapping their whole journey for him while he waited to see if she would accept him. “My hope has been tested through all of this. It has been a struggle for me, it’s been a challenge. The truth is that from the first moment I met you I was scared...It has taken a lot of thought for me, and I know that that feeling from the very first time I saw you that I’m feeling right now, that it’s love. Josh, I’ve loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you…” Awwww.

The baller snatched up that Final Rose like it was gold, and then he got down on one knee and we learned her middle name - Jeanette - as he put a Neil Lane sparkler on it and they cried all over each other and erupted into that old “I love you more” “No, I love you more” schtick.

The pair giggled and grinned at each other like a pair of school kids and looked adorable as they rode off into the D.R. sunset. We gotta say, we don’t always see these Bachelor/ette matches panning out, but this one feels like it can go the distance. At least the couple won’t be trying to make it work long distance, as they both live in Atlanta.

Congrats guys! We can’t wait to see the million and one interviews you’re about to give and learn how you’ve made your romance last in the months since filming and when you’re getting married.

Do you think Andi made the right choice, or should she have gone with Josh? Tell us in the comments.