Breaking Bad Final Season: How Our Editors Think It Should End
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Breaking Bad Final Season: How Our Editors Think It Should End

This Sunday, September 27, kicks off Breaking Bad's final season. This will be the final installment of what is widely considered one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, and everyone has strong feelings about how it should end.

Here are Wetpaint Entertainment, we asked some of our editors to weigh in on what they want to see at the end of Walter White's epic journey. Here's what they had to say.

Carson Blackwelder: It’s really hard to get into the mind of Vince Gilligan and predict what will happen when the clock runs out for Breaking Bad.

I don’t necessarily think Walter needs to die (though many believe this will be the case), I just expect him to get brought down to his knees. I might be a little let down if cancer does him in, but, then again, that’s how the show began. It would feel very much like Jack’s eye opening and closing in the premiere and finale of Lost. Jesse has proved to (somehow) be the least evil of the bunch, and I really hope he has a chance to survive this whole ordeal. I

I don’t need an explosive ending, I just want resolution. I just want to be left saying, “Yeah, bitch!” Is that too much to ask for? I have total faith.

Elizabeth Kramer: In a perfect world, Breaking Bad would end with a clean and sober Jesse Pinkman using his meth money to get himself a college education, graduating with honors, and then taking over Walter White’s old job as a high school chemistry teacher. This being the world of Breaking Bad, however, my guess is Walt will go out in a blaze of glory (likely at his own hand). I only hope he doesn’t take the baby and Jesse out with him on the way down to Devil Town. Skyler and Junior — I think you might be goners.

Rebecca Martin: In my sentimental heart of hearts, all I want is for Jesse Pinkman to get out of this all alive, and with his soul intact. That said, I know many fans want to see Jesse kill Walter, and I think that would be poetic — as long as it completely destroyed Jesse, too. It would be the (cruelly) perfect end to the downward spiral of their partnership.

How do you want Breaking Bad to end? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the finale of Breaking Bad's this Sunday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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