Breaking Bad Season 5: AMC Reveals Ominous Poster for Final Episodes
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Breaking Bad Season 5: AMC Reveals Ominous Poster for Final Episodes

All good things must come to an end, and that includes Breaking Bad, AMC's critically-adored drama focusing on chemistry-teacher-turned-drugpin Walter White and his slacker-turned-lackey Jesse Pinkman.

But the poster for the final batch of eight episodes — the second half of Season 5 — has the opposite message, the scarily-simple poster proclaiming, "All bad things must come to an end."

And the fact that no one and nothing is depicted on the poster, save for the trademark whiff of smoke from the opening titles, only adds to the fear factor. The message this poster is sending is clear: We're in for a bleak, bleak ending.

The tagline is just the latest in a trend of definitive declarations on posters. Remember the tagline for the final Harry Potter films: "It all ends." (The advertisements for the third Hangover installment hijacked that phrase for its own comedic gains.)

Does that mean Walter White is gonna die? We know no spoilers — and it's not like there's a George R. R. Martin book to which we can refer — but he certainly has become a "bad thing."

We'll find out when the epic conclusion to the Albuquerque-set saga commences on August 11 on AMC.

06.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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