Breaking Bad Series Finale: Should Walter White Live or Die?
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Breaking Bad Series Finale: Should Walter White Live or Die?

Breaking Bad kicked off its final season with last night's Season 5, Episode 9: "Blood Money." The show wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter, bringing us to Walter and Hank's first direct face-off by the end of the hour. During their verbal brawl, Hank declared his intention to put Walter behind bars, while Walt countered that Hank can do his worst; there's no way he’s seeing the inside of a prison, because the cancer is going to claim him soon enough anyway.

This fight highlights two of the main fates fans have been speculating about for TV's most fascinating protagonist-turned-villain. Death by cancer, death by spectacular flame out, or life rotting in prison seem like the three most likely outcomes of Walter's current trajectory, especially since the flashforward in the premiere ruled out any undeserved happy ending at home.

It's too early to tell exactly which direction the show is heading. Clearly, Walter lives to see his fifty-second birthday, but he's not exactly doing well in the flash forward. He has guns, which suggests he's in for one last showdown, which could end in death or jail; of course, he's also not looking particularly healthy, so we can't dismiss the cancer, either.

How should things end for Walter White? Do you want to see him go down before everything is said and done, or do you find poetic justice in the idea of the once great Heisenberg living long enough to waste away in prison? Is there another option you prefer?

Vote in our poll, and sound off about how you want things to end for Walter in the comments below.

Walter should live.

Walter should die.

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08.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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