There’s just one more week before Breaking Bad wraps up its fifth and final season. While the cast swears they’ve been trained “like CIA agents” to keep the ending a secret, Bryan Cranston may have dropped a tiny clue on the red carpet at the 2013 Emmys.

When asked about a spin-off for the show, Bryan joked to E! host Ryan Seacrest, “We have to see if anybody survives the holocaust!” Well, maybe that’s not much of a giveaway, if you think about it. When you’re a person with a personality and profession as volatile as Walter White’s, we guess that’s kind of a gimme. Regardless of whether anyone survives to the finish, Bryan promises, “the ending is perfect, unapologetic. It’s perfect Breaking Bad.”

As for how Bryan feels about saying goodbye to television’s most universally acclaimed show, he says, “It’s bittersweet, because you know you’re proud that you’ve come to a close, almost like an athlete who wants to finish on top as opposed to letting it go on for a year or two more.”

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