Pretty Little Liars: Breaking Down Ali’s Visit to Aria
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Breaking Down Ali’s Visit to Aria

When the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special confirmed that Alison really is alive, we had to rethink everything that came before especially when it comes to all the "dreams" and "hallucinations" the Liars had of Ali. It turns out those may have been the real deal.

Of course, being the obsessive fans we are, we immediately went back and re-watched all of Ali's appearances, and now we're going over them with a fine-toothed comb. We've already considered the scene where Ali visited Hanna in the hospital, her life-saving run-in with Emily, and her first convo with Spencer. Now it's time to look at what happened when she finally visited Aria in Season 3, Episode 16: "Misery Loves Company.

Need a refresher? Watch the video for yourself here:

What can we learn? Let's look closer at what Ali had to say for herself.

"I'm taking back what's mine." The scene opens with Ali taking back the diary pages that are hidden in her closet, telling her, "I'm taking back what's mine." Is she really there, protecting herself?

"I'm more real than I've ever been." Is this cryptic statement a reflection of Ali's feeling about her past self. She used to tell so many lies and put on so many personas, perhaps going into hiding has forced her to actually be herself.

"I don't know who said knowledge is king.... but he was right." "I see everything now," she adds. "I missed so much when I was here." That's certainly an interesting statement. Alison clearly knew a lot when she went into hiding, but it sounds like there were plenty more layers for her to unravel.

"Everywhere I turn." Aria asks if Ali sees "A", and she replies, "Everywhere I turn." This is after the Mona reveal, so we have a feeling Ali is referencing Uber "A", the one she's still in hiding from.

"So you do. You all do." Now that we know that Ezra might be "A", we have to wonder if Ali stating with "so do you" before adding "you all do" is an indication that Aria, more than anyone else, sees "A" everywhere.

"Byron's really coming around." Ali briefly references what's going on with Ezra, Byron, and Ezra's mom, which proves exactly how much she knows. Is it also a hint that she's paying particular attention to Ezra and his family?

"If I tell you the truth, you don't have to believe it." This is an interesting statement. Is it a reflection on her experiences telling the truth?

"I was desperate for that money." Now that we know that Ali was in enough trouble to go into hiding, we understand why she might have resorted to blackmailing Byron for cash.

"It was just a threat, I never called your mom." Hmm, defensive much?

"Do I look dead to you?" Nope! This was a big clue that Ali really was alive.

"Meredith is looking for these pages, too." Ali came to Aria when she was being drugged by crazy Meredith. This continues that pattern of Ali only revealing herself to the Liars when they were in real trouble and needed her help.

"You know why I picked you, right?" One of the most cryptic of all of Ali's clues. Picked Aria for what? And why? Is this linked to EzrA? We still have so many questions.

What clues do you take from this scene? Let us know in the comments below!

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