Pretty Little Liars: Breaking Down What Ali Told Spencer in Her House
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Breaking Down What Ali Told Spencer in Her House

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special confirmed that Alison really is alive, forcing us to rethink everything that's happened on the show especially when it comes to all the "dreams" and "hallucinations" the Liars had of Ali which, it turns out, might have all been real visits from their flesh-and-blood friend.

Of course, being the obsessive fans we are, we immediately went back and re-watched all of Alis appearances, and now we're going over them with a fine-toothed comb. We've already considered the scene where Ali visited Hanna in the hospital, as well as her life-saving run-in with Emily. Now it's time to look at her first of two scenes with Spencer, this one from Season 2, Episode 24.

Need a refresher? Watch the video for yourself here:

What can we learn? Let's look closer at what Ali had to say for herself.

"Please, don't scream." This scene opens with Ali desperately requesting her friend not call attention to her presence, suggesting it is the real deal.

"I needed something from that bag." Later, in the scene, Ali grabs some painkillers "for the road," but we don't think that's what she was looking for. What did she want?

"You're really mad at me, aren't you? Not telling you about Jason." This episode came on the heels of Spencer learning the truth about Jason's true parentage, and here Ali seems to regret keeping that secret.

"You deserve a decent sister." Ali notes that she and Spencer are practically like sisters, since they share a brother, and she thinks Spence deserves a "decent" sister. We all know Melissa's a grade-A biotch, but Ali isn't exactly winning Miss Congeniality awards anytime soon, either. Is this a clue that Melissa is actually evil? It certainly does seem like she and Ali are at odds...

"He talks too much." When Spencer reveals all the details Duncan spilled, Ali seems less than pleased. Hmm... does Duncan know even more secrets?

"I'm glad you guys haven't given up." Despite her frustrating refusal to give the Liars any real answers, Ali does make it sound like she wants them to solve this tangled web of mysteries, and even gives Spencer a hint that helps her figure out that Ali and "A" once communicated via classifieds. Though that raises a question: which "A" was Ali talking to? Mona claims not to have gone evil until after Hanna supposedly ditched her to hang with the Liars around the start of the show, which suggests the person Ali was in communication with was someone else entirely.

"Can't tell you." Seriously, why can't Ali tell the Liars anything? You know, other than the whole "it would end the show" thing...

"This is some seriously messed up stuff." We already knew this, but we can't wait to find out exactly how "messed up" Ali's full story is.

What clues do you take from this scene? Let us know in the comments below!

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