Scandal Breaking News: Season 3 Cut! — To How Many Episodes?
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Scandal Breaking News: Season 3 Cut! — To How Many Episodes?

Hold on to your white hats, Gladiators. According to TVLine, Scandal’s in-progress Season 3 has been chopped down by quite a lot. The news came on December 6, in the wake of a ratings spike for Season 3 Episode 9, “YOLO.”

Michael Ausiello reports that rather than the usual 22-episode season, ABC is shaving off the last four installations. Why? Well, that’s the interesting part, because ABC did not give an official reason for the huge change in our lives. But as the insider points out, it’s likely due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.

The star announced in October that she was about four months along, meaning she’s due in the spring. With the showrunners deciding not to knock Olivia up with either Jake or Fitz’s baby, they already face extreme challenges with hiding her pregnancy on the show. Sources told TVLine that writing Liv out of the final four episodes wouldn’t work, which seems obvious to those of us who tune in to watch the flawless Kerry Washington pull off the nutso storylines like only she can.

While we’re totally disappointed that they’re going to cut so much of the season, it makes sense that they would have to in the light of Kerry’s pregnancy. But with nearly a fifth of the season getting the axe, they’re going to have to fit in a lot more before the season ends — which, if you watched last night’s murder/deception/torture/break-up/love declaration-stuffed episode, seems impossible.

What do you think of this change? Are you bummed beyond belief or just glad that we’re only half way through so far?

Source: TVLine

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