Kandi Burruss Breaks Down When Todd Tucker Considers Taking New Job (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss Breaks Down When Todd Tucker Considers Taking New Job (VIDEO)

On next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things are about to get very emotional for Kandi Burruss and her fiancé, Todd Tucker. It's not often that we see Kandi break down into tears, but the pressure of everything that's going on around her finally gets to her.

Just as Kandi's diving into producing and starring in her very own play, A Mother's Love, Todd brings up a job opportunity that could take him away to five different countries while shooting a TV show. Obviously, this would mean that Todd wouldn't be able to help Kandi with her play, but she's not about to let him use that as an excuse to hang back and then resent her for it.

"If you wanna do the TV show, go ahead and do the TV show," Kandi tells her man, as her voice cracks and she starts crying.

When Todd shows his surprise at her tears, she explains, "I just feel like lately we've been arguing about the stupidest stuff, and you keep bringing up these other shows and stuff that you want to do out of town, so I just feel like, don't let me be the reason that you're staying."

During her interview, Kandi tells the Bravo cameras, "I don't want to hold him back, if there are things that he feels that he needs to do, but at the same time, I see so much more for us together."

In the end, Todd decides to go to New York for a meeting to get the full details on the project before making any major decisions.

Do you think Todd should take the job? Watch the full clip and sound off below!