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Breastfeeding in Public: Mayim Bialik Defends Her Controversial Choice (VIDEO)

It’s been over two and a half years since Big Bang Theory actress (and real-life neuroscientist) Mayim Bialik posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her 3-year-old son on an NYC subway. And people are still talking about it.

Mayim, who starred in the hit TV show Blossom when she was only 16, has received plenty of criticism for her parenting style. The actress, 28, tells Huffington Post she experienced a “tremendous amount of backlash” for the photo.

But you know what? She’s not sorry. Mayim tells HuffPo that “thousands and thousands of women” choose to breastfeed in public, and that they “get people harassing them all the time.” And she has a bit of news for all those critics, which she delivers incredibly matter-of-factly. “That’s the way you feed a human baby.”

That said, the Big Bang Theory actress understands that many people get very riled up over the issue of breastfeeding. “Our culture has a very, very bizarre relationship with breasts,” she says. “We have a tremendous obsession with sexualizing, absolutely, and breastfeeding is not a sexual act.”

Mayim says that when she would breastfeed in public, she’d try to be “absolutely respectful and conscious of the community I was in.” But at the end of the day, she sees no problem with choosing to feed her children this way.

“I think anywhere you give a bottle, you breastfeed,” she says. “I don’t believe you need to cover up a baby [breastfeeding] any more than you need to cover up a baby drinking a bottle.”

Source: Huffington Post