Brett Melnick Talks Eric Hill, Being the Next Bachelor, and Speed Dating

The Bachelorette

Brett Melnick Talks Eric Hill, Being the Next Bachelor, and Speed Dating

With so much hot competition, Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s contestants have been pulling out all the stops to stand out from each other. Brett Melnick didn’t exactly make it far on the show, but brotha did leave a lasting impression by bringing the Atlantan a floor lamp on the season premiere. Now, the hairstylist we kinda woulda liked to have seen more of is dishing on his short stint on the small screen. He talks about Andi’s argument with deceased castmate Eric Hill, how he reacted to hearing Andi was the Bachelorette, the possibility of being the next Bachelor (yes, please), and how the show is a bit like dating in warp speed.

In an interview with Montgomery News, The Pennsylvania native reveals that he didn’t know Andi would be the Bachelorette until right before he hopped on the plane to California. How’d he react to hearing her name? The tall drink of water says he was “definitely excited.” Of course you were, Brett, cuz our gal is gorg. He added that he “watched the season before, and I thought she was the one who caught my eye to begin with.” Awwww.

While the man with the perfectly coiffed hair admits to watching the show before being on it, it wasn’t his idea to audition. Brett says it was his co-workers at Jolie Salon & Day Spa who put him up to it. Once he found out he was cast, Brett says he went into filming “open-hearted” and was totes willing to see where the relationship might go.

Brett exited the show just one episode ahead of Eric Hill, who posthumously became a sensation after a tragic paragliding accident took his life in April. Viewers have been divided about whether ABC should have kept Eric’s footage in the show, but Brett says he understands why producers ultimately decided to keep the world traveler’s footage as is. “It was a shame what happened to him after the show. But why twist something totally different than what really happened?”

Eric’s exit from the show was especially controversial because it occurred immediately after an argument with Andi, which ended with Andi dismissing Eric prior to a rose ceremony. Eric told Andi she had a “poker face,” and Brett commented empathetically that it’s hard to show who you really are on camera. The stylist thinks Andi was probably exhausted after long days of filming, which may be what caused her to come off a little reserved to Eric.

Despite appearing self-assured (you gotta be to bring a lamp to a first date, right?), Brett may not have made it any further than Episode 3 because he’s actually a bit of a wallflower. “It was hard to get going and get to know who she was and introduce yourself,” he said. “I was shy and nervous.” The lamp bearer says that the show format is a bit like “accelerated speed dating,” which means contestants had to step it up and be aggressive to get time with Andi.

So will we see the quirkster as the next Bachelor? If asked, Brett doesn’t know if he’d say yes. “Seeing what Andi went though, it would be a hard job,” he said. “It’d be a fun experience, but I don’t know — a hard decision.”

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Source: Montgomery News