Brian Jarosinski and Stephanie Larimore Make It Official!
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Brian Jarosinski and Stephanie Larimore Make It Official!

Hip-hip hooray — Soulja Boy's public enemy number one, Brian Jarosinski, is officially back together with his Playboy Playmate girlfriend, Stephanie Larimore! You know how we know? Facebook, DUH.

You might remember Brian and Stephanie's dramatic face-to-face on Bachelorette, wherein Steph showed up and accused Brian of cheating on her with Desiree Hartsock while Chris Harrison was just like "Ugh, my job. My life. My everything," but times have changed. Oh, how they've changed.

Shockingly, Steph confirmed that she reunited with her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend, telling In Touch back in June that "[Brian] admitted to making a mistake by not telling me about the show, and [he] apologized. It has taken some time. Right now we're taking things day by day and somewhat getting to know each other all over again.”

On July 9, Stephanie officially changed her Facebook status to say that she’s “In a Relationship” with Brian

It looks like Stephanie's more than willing to put the past in the past, because she can't keep her hands off of Brian(‘s chesticles)! These rock-throwing cuties love nothing more than trolling around the great city of Baltimore, and homegirl has hit up Twitter to warn us ladies that Bri's a taken man!

In fact, on July 14, Stephanie made sure the Twittersphere knows what’s up, tweeting "W @BrianJarosinski out in Bmore!!!!"

Hmmm, who knew so many people were competing for Brian's heart? He doesn't exactly have a great reputation thanks to Bachelorette Bunnygate 2013, but hey — there's just no resisting that winning smile and shaved head of hair.

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