Brian Jarosinski Cuddles Up With Former Ex, Stephanie Larimore (PHOTO)
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The Bachelorette

Brian Jarosinski Cuddles Up With Former Ex, Stephanie Larimore (PHOTO)

Gone are the days when The Bachelorette's Brian Jarosinski and his girlfriend, Stephanie Larimore, were throwing rocks at each other. Nowadays these two are more in love than ever — despite that one really awkward time when Stephanie showed up at Bachelor Mansion, accused Brian of cheating on her with Desiree Hartsock, and had him hauled off by some dude (aka mafia hit man) named Paulie.

There's some doubt that Brian cheated on Steph — according to Brian they were on a break! — but regardless of what really happened, homegirl has more than forgiven him. This hot couple is back in the sack, and their newest hobby? Posting cute pictures of themselves all over the internets. In fact, these two recently packed on the PDA over a romantic tub of frozen yogurt, ruining the very concept of "Fro-Yo" in the process.

"Fro-yo at Cake Love w my love @BrianJarosinski," Stephanie tweeted on July 20 along with a photo of herself and Bri looking happy as can be.

Sigh, so cute! If only there were a way for Brian and Stephanie to tell the American people about their sexy reunion... you know, someting like a giant televised ABC special wherein all of Desiree Hartsock's ex boyfriends gather together for group therapy....

Oh wait! the“Men Tell All” special is coming up — but unfortunately, we won't be seeing Brian or Stephanie on the small screen. Presumably because they were too busy binge eating frozen treats to attend.

Sigh, at least we have Bri and Stephanie's sweet tweets to keep us going!

Source: Twitter