Bachelorette 2014: Are Brian Osborne and Christy Hansen Hooking Up?
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Bachelorette 2014: Are Brian Osborne and Christy Hansen Hooking Up?

The exclusive club known as Bachelor Nation is like for the most specialized special interest group in the country — only people who have looked for love on national television need apply. But once they’re in, they’re in for life, with dating access to some of the most beautiful people in the country. So is it any wonder that some of Andi Dorfman’s cast offs may already be licking their wounds by dipping their toe into the alumni dating pool?

While we don’t have any confirmed new couple alerts, we do have our suspicions about one of Andi’s exes in particular: Brian Osborne. The coach from Philly has been getting pretty flirty with a little filly we know and love as a Week 3 Juan Pablo Galavis elimination, aka Christy Hansen.

The duo have been swapping some pretty playful tweets lately, with Coach writing “My woman crush Wednesday lately has definitely been @christyhansen_. BUT she likes pickles, sooo not helping her cause.” A little flirty, right? BUT THEN…

Coach also recently tweeted, “Can't wait to see @christyhansen_ on #BachelorInParadise OMG #YOPO ! Everyone tune in!” to which she teasingly replied “wow you officially lost your tour guide in two weeks.” What the what? So Coach is heading to Chi-town to visit the hairdresser in a fortnight? Hmmm, things are getting interesting.

It’s possible Brian is heading to Chicago for more than just a meet up with Christy — fellow Andi alum and pal Nick Viall lives there — but we don’t see Bri-Bri being quite so flirty with Nicky V. on Twitter as he’s being with Christy. Just sayin’.

And we’re not the only ones who have noticed the blossoming friendship (relationship?) between the two. A reader of Reality Steve’s blog asked the spoiler king if he had any intel, to which Steve replied, “Brian and Christy have definitely been keeping in touch for a while. Not sure the extent of their relationship, but they were definitely talking before she left for BiP.”

So if they do have a budding romance, will it be tested by her stint on Bachelor in Paradise? According to RS, she only appears on three of the show’s seven episodes and, while she goes on dates with Jesse Kovacs and Tasos Hernandez, she doesn’t seem to form a connection with anyone in Mexico. Maybe that’s because she left her heart with Coach?

What do you think — are these two hooking up or just friends? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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