Brian Osborne’s Tips For How to Win Over Bachelor 2015’s Chris Soules
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Brian Osborne’s Tips For How to Win Over Bachelor 2015’s Chris Soules

Well lady friends, now that we know Chris Soules is officially The Bachelor 2015, it’s time to order our cow print pajamas and start refining our Ghosts in the Graveyard technique. It’s also time to camp out in front of Bachelor Mansion in hopes we can intercept Farmer Fantastic before he heads on in and starts handing out roses to ladies who aren’t us. Jokes! (Not really.) Ahem, moving on.

If we did, say, “accidentally” run into the hottie in the street corn field, what should our approach to winning his heart valve be? According to his Bachelorette Season 10 castmate, Brian Osborne, we might have a better chance if we table the tractor talk.

In an interview with local news outlet Penn Live, Coach says he doesn’t believe Chris wants a fellow farmer, but rather that he’s “looking for someone who will challenge him, bring him out of his comfort zone once in a while.” Looks like all that reading up on the life and times of John Deere was for naught. Thanks, Brian. Where was this intel a week ago?

Brian goes on to say successful suitor-ettes will be able to crack a joke and be big-hearted, “Because that’s the kind of guy [Chris] is. He’s always thinking of someone else.”

The baller also reveals that women should “be themselves” around Chris, and that the competitors on his bud’s season shouldn’t “go out of their comfort zone to win a contest.” So you’re giving us the green light to show up in our head gear and our Friday night sweatpants and make Chris re-binge watch OITNB with us? Sign us up!

Want more lowdown on how to win roses from Chris’s bundle? You can read what he said he’s looking for in a lady love here.

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Source: Penn Live