Briana Dejesus Apologizes For Misusing the Word “Gay”
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Briana Dejesus Apologizes For Misusing the Word “Gay”

The Teen Mom gals are a politically correct bunch, so we were slightly surprised when MTV noobie Briana Dejesus took it to Twitter and misused the word "gay." This gal was chillin' out at home gearing up for an episode of American Horror Story (as ya do), when her cable box suddenly broke. Briana took it to the internets to lament the loss of her television, tweeting "Oh hell no! I just got home to find out my cable box is being gay and every channel keeps freezing! I can't miss American horror story!"

As you might expect, the Internet basically exploded thanks to fans voicing their disappointment with Briana's use of the word "gay" in a pejorative connotation. While we have no doubt that she's completely pro LGBT rights and has many gay friends, it's definitely bad form for Briana to misuse the word because it reinforces the idea that being gay is somehow wrong. Luckily, Briana was quick to set the record straight, and apologized for any offense she may have caused.

"I didn't even realize I said that til they pointed it out!" Briana tweeted. "Sorry! ):"

Many people in Briana's position would be too proud to apologize, and her willingness to admit she said something offensive is a testament to what a nice person she is. Hopefully, this gal will think twice before using "gay" in a negative way again — after all, many of her biggest fans and supporters are homosexual!

10.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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