Briana DeJesus Drops More Truth Bombs About Her Disastrous ‘Teen Mom 2’ Baby Shower
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Briana DeJesus

Briana DeJesus Drops More Truth Bombs About Her Disastrous ‘Teen Mom 2’ Baby Shower


A baby shower is supposed to be a joyous celebration of a new life — but apparently Teen Mom 2 didn’t get the memo.

We watched Briana DeJesus’s disastrous shower play out on this week’s Season 8 episode, where she and her unborn baby’s father get angry at each other for a myriad of reasons.

But turns out there was more nasty stuff that happened IRL that didn’t make the show.

In case you need a refresher on the party from hell, Luis, Stella’s dad, first shows up with two uninvited friends in tow, one of whom brings a video camera since he was filming his DJ friend’s documentary.


This immediately upsets Bri and her mom, Roxanne, who is blown away by the disrespect.

"Did it ever occur to you to call Briana first and ask her [if you can film]? I think it's f—ked up for you to not have given Briana a heads up,” Roxanne screams.


“Just to show up and roll up with cameras rolling when we already have [MTV] cameras rolling... that's disrespectful. His daughter's baby shower? Do you not think that that was wrong?"

Then, Luis throws shade right back, getting pissed at Briana when he realizes she invited her ex-boyfriend.

"I can't have friends over to my baby shower?” she says.

“I did all this hard work and I can't have friends? Get the f—k out of here. [Luis] can suck my dick for all I care.”

But guys, there was even more.

After tons of fans tweeted the 23-year-old about how awkward that party was, she dropped some more bombshells about what really went down, revealing Luis and his posse were actually only at the party for 20 minutes total.

She was also pissed they brought a camera but not a gift for the baby — seriously, who shows up empty-handed to a shower?!

Later in the episode, we see Bri  — who wanted to pretend for her extended family’s sake that she and Lu were still together — come clean about his cheating and how all-around terrible he’s been throughout her pregnancy.


"He was cheating on me. Three months [pregnant]. So, I don't want to be with him. It's my decision," she tells her aunts.

"Listen, since nobody knows, I was going to put this baby up for adoption. He cut me out, he said no.

“Alright fine, we're going to do this together and he hasn't done anything! He still hasn't brought anything to the table to show that he wants to keep this baby.”


In real time, the Florida gal has called baby daddy no. 2 out on social media for not paying child support and only being around for the MTV “fame.”




But Stella, now two months old, seems to be doing amazingly with just her mom, her big sister, her grandma and her aunt to raise her.

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Those DeJesus women are strong AF!

What do you think of Bri’s baby shower drama? Is she better off without Lu (and his crazy friends) in Stella’s life? Share below.

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