Briana DeJesus Reveals if Luis Is Involved in Stella’s Life, Is Reuniting With Javi Marroquin
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Briana DeJesus

Briana DeJesus Reveals if Luis Is Involved in Stella’s Life, Is Reuniting With Javi Marroquin


Should #Javiana shippers be getting excited again?

Though Teen Mom 2s Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin are just close pals, fans of the show are hardcore into the idea of them potentially dating.

Both parties have shot down the rumors — Javi has a girlfriend in Lauren Comeau, after all — but some new tweets are spurring up the chatter yet again.

Their friendship actually goes way back, having met a few years ago at an MTV event and then reuniting a few times since with their kids (and Javi’s ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry).

And ever since Javi and his new co-star appeared in a scene together on the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 premiere, fans have been wanting the two single parents to make their relationship more than platonic.


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Bri humored the idea, and even hinted that she would’ve been interested in Javi had he been single…


And now, she’s letting fans know that perhaps there is hope after all!

On August 7, the 23-year-old tweeted she is getting ready for her daughter Nova’s 6th birthday trip, which will be going down in Orlando, Florida (the DeJesus women live close by in Kissimmee).



And who’s going to be there? None other than Lincoln’s papa himself!

“We’re there though...wouldn’t miss it,” he (flirtily?) responded, adding that she owes him “like four beers.”

This likely isn’t a romantic trip, as Nova, as well as Isaac’s son, Lincoln, will be in attendance.

But let’s be honest, Briana really could use a reliable father figure for her kids…


After telling off Devoin Austin, baby daddy no. 1, on last night’s Teen Mom 2, she’s now getting real about the relationship baby daddy no. 2, Luis, has with their newborn daughter, Stella.




And well, it’s basically non-existent.


Bri simply responded “no” when someone on Twitter asked if Luis is in the baby’s life.

Fans are especially irked by this, since on the show, he begged her to keep the baby rather than place her for adoption and promised he’d be an involved father. Way to keep your promises, bro!

But as we’ve said before, Briana has proved she doesn’t need a man to help her raise her girls — she’s got amazing help from her sister, Brittany and her mom, Roxanne.


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Though clearly nobody is a substitute for a daddy.

Do you think Javi and Briana will ever date? Will Luis or Devoin step up to the plate? Share below.

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