Bride Rocks Down the Aisle to Buckcherry’s Song ‘Crazy B**ch’
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Bride Rocks Down the Aisle to Buckcherry’s Song ‘Crazy B**ch’

Instead of organizing a by-the-book, up-tight, totally stuffy wedding day, we love that some brides welcome a jump from the rails and do things their way! One bride in Illinois wanted to rock out down the aisle to “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry, but one father became visibly uncomfortable with the procession as soon as the first F-bomb was dropped.

Break me down, you got a lovely face
We're going to your place
And now you got to freak me out
Scream so loud, getting f**kin' laid
You want me to stay, but I got to make my way

The song goes on from there, but with that first expletive, the concerned dad swoops in to momentarily cover his young son’s ears, with a kiss on the top of the head for good measure. He clearly hasn’t heard the song before, and was unprepared for each successive swear word that bellowed through the speakers. He gives very confused looks to the cameraperson recording behind him, gives a nervous chuckle, and eventually gives up on protecting his son’s now tainted ears.

While we do love this obvious expression of personality at a private event, commenters on YouTube to the video posted by the bride’s daughter seem about as enthused as the awkward father in the stands. “Sad when people don’t know the difference between having fun and being completely trashy,” one person said. “And I like the song. Sorry hon, your mom is a skank.” Another said, “This wedding shows EVERYTHING that is wrong with America.”

The bride eventually fired back with a full three paragraph response. Here’s a small excerpt:

who made the rule on how my wedding should be and just so you know it was my wedding at my house and they were my guests if and when you ever find anyone to marry your narrow minded self you can have your wedding at your location with your guests in your way and guess what I will respect your choice because I live in the USA and that is what we do here. And thank you to all my friends and family (including my son) who fight or have fought for my freedom to do this [sic]

What do you think of this, moms? Would you do/have you done something so non-traditional for your wedding? Tell us below!

08.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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