Brielle Biermann and Two-Year-Old KJ Twerk — Watch The Hilarious Clip! (VIDEO)
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Kim Zolciak

Brielle Biermann and Two-Year-Old KJ Twerk — Watch The Hilarious Clip! (VIDEO)

Clearly, there's never a dull moment at Kim Zolciak's house. And, with six children, including newborn twins, it's not exactly surprising! The former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and current Don't Be Tardy star recently posted a video to her Instagram, featuring her daughter, Brielle, 16, and her oldest son, KJ, 2. Warning: This video includes real life twerking.

"Brielle, what are you doing?" Kim demands as her teen daughter squats low and begins to shake her booty in an attempt to twerk. Meanwhile, her little brother recognizes wrong when he sees it. "You will get a spanking!" he cries at his sister.

"My life!!!! KJ is wise beyond his years because of his older sisters @briellebiermann @arianabiermann," Kim captions the hilarious footage. He sure is!

The best part, however, is what comes next. Next thing we know, KJ is in a deep plié trying to replicate his sister's moves. "KJ!" Kim says in a warning voice. We can't tell if the noise we hear in the background is one of the Zolciak-Biermann pups yapping or someone cracking up at KJ's adorable twerk.

It didn't take long for Kim's followers to scold her for allowing Brielle to twerk at all, let alone videotaping it and publishing it on Instagram, but we think it's all in good fun. Plus, as some of her more loyal fans pointed out, it's nice to see her teenager paying attention to her younger brother, instead of refusing to spend time with him and wasting all her time at the mall.

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