Brielle Zolciak Goes Driving With Sweetie Hughes (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Brielle Zolciak Goes Driving With Sweetie Hughes (PHOTO)

Everyone always looks cooler in a vehicle, right? That appears to be Brielle Zolciak's angle as she goes for a ride with Sweetie Hughes.

Brielle, daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak, is looking adorable with her laid-back look, involving a hooded sweatshirt and the always-trendy accessory known as a seatbelt.

And is she giving us a duck face? Whatever it is, it's working.

"Sweatshirt, hair tied, cruising with no make up on, that's when sweeties luvs me the most, I definitely don't take it wrong @sweetiehughes," Brielle captions the pic on Instagram of the two of them. The girl's got some flow!

"Love it, fam," Sweetie responds to the pic. We're digging Sweetie's look, too, as she's rocking the beanie and flannel. Longshoremen everywhere would be proud.

It's great to see that Kim's family is still so close to Sweetie. As we all know, Kim fired Sweetie as her assistant back in the day, but she has since rehired her.

This is a busy time in Brielle's life, as the 16-year-old recently showed off her homecoming outfit, in which she looked truly fab. Not many people can pull of the elegant gown-with-cowboy boots look, but Brielle is definitely one of those people.

And we love that Brielle can be equally comfortable in fancy garb or a hoodie. We just wish she could teach us a thing or two about freestylin'.

Source: Instagram